Camera ZOOM FX instructions

Getting to grips with Camera ZOOM FX, this page shows full usage instructions how to operate the application.

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Camera ZOOM FX Instructions

Once you start using it, you won't be able to manage without it.

Capture Screen

When you launch Camera ZOOM FX you will be taken straight to the camera screen.

Taking Photos

Take a photo in any of the following ways:

  • click on the shutter button on the right
  • tap anywhere on the screen (must be enabled in Settings > Camera > Full-screen shutter?)
  • click the camera button on the side of the device (if your device has one)
  • customize any other hardware button, e.g. volume, or gesture, e.g. swipe left (must be configured in Settings > Custom Buttons)

How to Zoom

Zoom the photo using the vertical slider on the left-hand side of the capture screen.

The best zoom type has been auto-detected for your device - if zoom is not working, you can fix with 1-click using Menu > Settings > Zoom

You can customize any other hardware button, e.g. volume, or gesture, e.g. swipe left, to control zoom (must be configured in Settings > Custom Buttons)


Launch the hardware menu by clicking the lens icon on the left under the zoom bar - all options are device dependent :

  • Auto Focus:

    Set the desired auto focus mode, e.g. auto, infinity, etc.

  • Filter:

    Select a real-time preview effect, e.g. sepia, mono, aqua, etc.

  • White Balance:

    Helps in different light conditions, e.g. daylight, cloudy, shade, etc.

  • Anti Banding:

    To prevent flickering when taking photos of televisions, computer monitors, etc.

  • NightShot:

    Slows shutter to help with night-time photos


If your device supports flash, you should see a flash icon on the left under the zoom bar and hardware buttons.

Toggle through the flash modes by pressing repeatedly on the flash icon, e.g. 'On', 'Off', 'Auto'

Shooting Mode

Launch the Shooting Mode menu by clicking on the wheel icon on the right above the shutter button :

  • Normal:

    Take single shots.

  • Stable Shot:

    Get a more stable shot with an onscreen 'stable meter' which will wait until the device is being held stable before taking a shot.

  • Timer:

    Wait between 5 (default) and 30 seconds before taking a shot - you can adjust this period by clicking on the box in the center.
    When you click the shutter button, a countdown will begin with audible prompts, followed by the shutter to take the photo - useful for group shots.

  • Voice Activated:

    After a 5 second countdown, the camera will wait for a loud noise before taking a shot, e.g. clap, shout, etc. - this is also useful for group shots

  • Burst Mode:

    This mode will take a large number of photos in a short space of time.
    You can adjust the number of photos by clicking on the box in the center.
    Flash and autofocus are disabled in this mode.
    Photos are saved at lower resolution.

  • Collage:

    Take multiple photos for the purpose of later arranging in a collage or 'multiple' view.
    After each photo is taken, the camera will show the current photo count and display an on-screen button to review the collage.

  • Time Lapse:

    Take continuous shots at a pre-determined interval of 1s to 240s (default = 15s).
    Click the shutter to begin time lapse capture.
    Click 'Back' to stop capturing photos.
    You can adjust this interval by clicking on the box in the center.


Click Menu for these options :

  • Gallery:

    Launch Android photo gallery.
    You can also click on the last captured photo in the bottom right corner to do the same.
    If there are any photos still processing, you will see a count of the number of photos currently being processed.
    These will not be viewable in the gallery until processing is complete.

  • Video:

    Launch Android video application.

  • Import:

    Import your own photo into the Review Screen.

  • Settings:

    Enter Settings Screen.

  • Help:

    Enter Help Screen.

Review Screen

After you take a photo you have the following options :

  • Save and close:

    Save photo to your sdcard and return to camera.

  • Save a copy: (Menu button only)

    Save photo to your sdcard and remain on review screen (useful for saving multiple copies with different effects)

  • Share preview:

    Share photo using Mail, Messaging, etc. - your photo is shared at preview resolution (640x480) and is not yet saved at full resolution.

  • Rotate: (Menu button only)

    Rotate your photo 90 degrees clockwise. You can click this as many times as is needed to achieve the correct rotation.

  • Upload to (Menu button only)

    Upload photo to your favorite social networking sites (must be enabled in Settings > Sharing)

  • Discard:

    Do not save photo and return to camera.

FX - View FX page

The FX menu is available in both the Capture and Review screen and works the same way for both screens :

You can combine as many effects as you wish - the order they are added will not make any difference. FX can be reset using the buttons on the various menus.

You can view the original photo taken by long-pressing on the preview photo.

  • Favorite -
    • Ready Made -

      Choose from one of many predefined FX combinations which may include manipulation of color, effects, overlays and photo sizes.

  • Color -
    • Vintage:

      Aged effects.

    • Lomo:

      Emulate lomo cameras.

    • Cinematic:

      Dramatic colors with movie-like finish.

    • Funky:

      Unnatural colors for more effects.

    • Random Color:

      Choose a random color from the 'Color' group.

    • Reset Color:

      Reset any effects from the 'Color' group.

  • Effect-
    • Mirror:

      Reflect your photo one or multiple times.

    • Distort:

      Distort the photo to create interest, e.g. fish-eye, light tunnel, etc.

    • Tilt-shift:

      Selective blur to focus attention on the center.

    • Random Effect:

      Choose a random color from the 'Effect' group.

    • Reset Effect:

      Reset any effects from the 'Effect' group.

  • Overlay-
    • Frame:

      Choose a frame for your photo, e.g. thin white, grungy, polaroid, etc. More frames can be downloaded from the market.

    • Vignette:

      Focus attention on the center of the photo by choosing a vignette to darken / lighten the corners.

    • Composite:

      Choose a composite (texture overlay) to overlay over the photo. More composites can be downloaded from the market.

    • Buddy:

      Add a famous 'buddy' to your photo - these can be dragged, sized and rotated around the photo, more are downloadable on the market. After saving, buddies will take on the color and effects of the photo.

    • Prop:

      Add a prop, e.g. basketball, to your photo - these can be dragged, sized and rotated around the photo, more are downloadable on the market. After saving, props will take on the color and effects of the photo.

    • Random Overlay:

      Choose a random color from the 'Overlay' group.

    • Reset Overlay:

      Reset any effects from the 'Overlay' group.

  • Edit-
    • Crop:

      Select the proportions for your photo, e.g. 6x4, square, etc.

    • Collage:

      Build up a collage of multiple photos. Photos can be added from the camera or from the gallery on your device. Click on a square of the collage to add / replace a photo.

    • Random FX:

      Choose a random FX combination from all groups.

    • Reset FX:

      Reset effects from all groups.

Settings Screen

Here you can adjust all Camera ZOOM FX settings :

  • Camera-
    • Enable shutter sound?

      Enable shutter sound on taking photos?

    • Full-screen shutter?

      Click anywhere on screen to take a picture?

    • Composition grid:

      Select a composition grid to help take photos, e.g. golden, crosshair, circle, etc.

    • Shutter animation-

      Select a shutter skin if required for an animation on capturing photos - more skins can be downloaded from the market.

    • Default camera-

      If you have a dedicated camera button on your device, you can set Camera ZOOM FX as your default camera.
      To check if this is set, return to the homescreen and click the hardware camera button.
      This should then prompt you to set a default camera for your device.
      If you already have a default set, you can change this using Home > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > (current default camera) > Clear defaults

  • Save-
    • Auto Save?

      Switch on to save automatically, off to prompt whether to save, edit or share?

    • Store location in pictures?

      Record GPS location in picture data?

    • Show save location?

      Show saved picture location immediately after save? (useful for troubleshooting photo locations)

    • Camera folder:

      Default: /sdcard/dcim/Camera
      CameraZOOM: /sdcard/CameraZOOM
      Manual: use the in-built file manager to select any folder (including external sd)

    • Use dated folders?

      Add today's date to the end of the folder path, e.g. /sdcard/CameraZOOM/20110909

    • JPEG quality:

      Choose JPEG compression - higher values have higher photo quality and larger file sizes.

  • Zoom-
    • Zoom type:

      Zoom is auto-detected for your device.
      You should only change this setting if zoom is not working correctly on your device.

    • Auto Detect Zoom:

      Auto-detect the best zoom type for your device - this will be correct in most cases.

    • Send Updated Zoom Information:

      If the auto-detected zoom value was incorrect on your device and you have found a better setting, please use the automatic mail link below to update us so we can fix this for other users.

    • Zoom sensitivity:

      How sensitive should zoom adjustments be when controlled by trackball / volume buttons.

  • FX-
    • Picture size:

      Choose which size to capture photos.

    • Process FX at full resolution?

      Check this option to perform FX processing at photo's original resolution - this will take longer to process.
      Uncheck this option to process FX photos at a lower resolution (up to 1024 x 768) - this will process photos faster.
      Note that buddies, props, mirror, distort and tilt-shift effects will be processed at lower resolution.

    • Store originals?

      On processed photos, should originals be stored in a separate file?

    • Composite opacity:

      Set how opaque should the composite effects be over photos.

  • Shooting Modes-
    • Use stable shot meter?

      In stable shot mode, display an on-screen meter indicating how stable camera is being held?

    • Stable shot sensitivity-

      Low (allows more movement), Medium, High (need to hold more still).

    • Camera must be stable for ::

      Stable time: 0.5s, 1s, 2s - time camera needs to be stable for before taking photo.

    • Volume to activate shutter:

      Voice Activation Volume: Low, Medium or High.

  • Custom Buttons-

    Choose a custom action for any hardware buttons or gestures on your device.

    The full list of custom buttons / gestures are :

    • Trackball Left
    • Trackball Right
    • Trackball Up
    • Trackball Down
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Fling Left
    • Fling Right
    • Fling Up
    • Fling Down
    • Long Press

    These can be assigned to any of the following custom actions :

    • No Action
    • Take Picture
    • Zoom Out
    • Zoom In
    • Previous Grid
    • Next Grid
    • Previous Composite
    • Next Composite
    • Previous Frame
    • Next Frame
    • Previous Filter
    • Next Filter
    • Previous WhiteBalance
    • Next WhiteBalance
    • Previous AntiBanding
    • Next AntiBanding
    • Toggle NightShot
    • Toggle AutoFocus
    • Previous FlashMode (if device supports)
    • Next FlashMode (if device supports)
  • Sharing-
    • Set up Account:

      Takes you to the free page which will allow you to set up an account and specify which social networks you wish to post to, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • Get Mobile Key:

      Takes you to the website and the mobile page to obtain your mobile key.

    • Enter Key:

      After you have retrieved your key above, click this button and enter to authenticate your credentials.
      You are now ready to upload to all your favorite social networks!

  • Other-
    • Camera ZOOM FX Version:

      Show the current version of Camera ZOOM FX.

    • Send Device Information:

      To help us fully support your device, it is useful if you can send us camera information from your device.

Create your own Buddys / Props

You can create your own buddies / props / composites / frames / shutters on your sdcard and use them the next time you launch Camera ZOOM FX :
  • buddies: /sdcard/cameraZOOM/buddies/(your file).png (480 x 360)
  • props: /sdcard/cameraZOOM/props/(your file).png (any size)
  • frames: /sdcard/cameraZOOM/frames/(your file).png (480 x 320)
  • composites: /sdcard/cameraZOOM/composites/(your file).png (500 x 333)
  • shutters: /sdcard/cameraZOOM/shutters/(your file).jpg (480 x 320)
Buddies, props, frames, composites should be PNG format (8 bit or 24 bit). Shutters should be JPG format.

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