This is the privacy policy for Camera ZOOM FX Premium and Free (androidslide).

Where we refer to "personal data" in this privacy policy we mean any data that may identify you as an individual.

Protecting your personal data and maintaining your trust is core to our mission at androidslide.

Below is an explanation of each of the app's permissions:
- android.permission.CAMERA
  - for taking photos

- android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO
  - for voice activation mode, e.g. clap to take photo

- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE / android.permission.INTERNET
  - to check for updates to the app, allow sharing via Facebook

- android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  - to show existing photos in the built-in gallery

- android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  - to save new photos

- android.permission.ACCESS_LOCATION
  - for geotagging (inserting location) in photos (optional for user)

- android.permission.VIBRATE
  - to perform haptic feedback actions

- android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  - to keep the device bright, e.g. during time lapse photos

  - for in-app purchase upgrades (free version only)

We will not sell your personal data to third parties.

We do not collect location information. If you wish to geotag photos, please install the separate geotag application from below :

We do not request user names, passwords, or other login information.

For any other queries, please contact us at